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Why do children consume chiropractic care?

If you spend any time in our office, you’ll notice we see a lot of children here. That can be confusing to some of our newer patients, who question why would a kid need to see a chiropractor? Our response would be that the most current research shows that many of our problems started way back when we were much younger—while learning to walk, falls that occurred, and from the sports we played. Some patients even experienced their first spinal trauma during the birth process and delivery.

**For a visual, twist the atlas and upper cervical area on the model spine when you say “the birth process and the delivery itself”. (Look at the spine, look at the patient, look back at the spine.)**

That’s why our team makes it our highest priority to check each member of the family, so we create a written record for the early detection of subluxation or spinal dysfunction. That way, our children have the best opportunity to grow up healthy, and develop optimally, as opposed to waiting for a crisis like most of us have been taught to do.’

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