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How do I get the best outcome ASAP?

One of the most important things we teach you is how you can influence your clinical outcomes. It’s critical for us to partner with and empower you with strategies that give you a sense of influence—and responsibility—for the results of your chiropractic and health care.

Essentially, we’re building a partnership at Awaken Chiropractic that we call “The Three-Legged Stool of Results.” The first leg is keeping your appointment schedule. That entails following your doctor’s recommendations for care, and not missing or changing appointments. This creates a healing rhythm, as each adjustment has an accumulative effect and builds on your previous treatment.

The second leg of the stool is breaking bad habits that cause your symptoms to recur. And the third leg is adding specific, prescribed exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine to hold your adjustments better. This 3 legged stool strategy will allow you to positively influence your outcomes and get better results faster.

NUGGET: There is a Compound Effect in staying healthy, just like there’s a compound effect to staying sick.

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