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What is subluxation?

The World Health Organisation defines a subluxation as seen on your screen below.

Subluxation occurs when a spinal joint is jarred out of a healthy position, either through trauma, bad habits, or both. This tweaking and twisting of tissues creates damage to the soft tissue, which creates inflammation and causes nerve irritation.

This is similar to when you stand on a garden hose and turn the tap on. The water will trickle through, because that flow of water has been cut off. A similar thing can happen to the nerve at a spinal level.

Remember, your nervous system is the master of your body. There’s a constant flow of information that runs from your body to your brain, and from your brain to your body. That information is what keeps you healthy, and what tells your body to heal.

Any subluxation in your spine creates interference or irritation to the nerves, and interferes in the flow of that information, so your body simply moves away from health. Now, if this problem goes on long enough, undetected or uncorrected, it will worsen until eventually, you become symptomatic. And that’s what tends to cause people to seek us out at our clinic.

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