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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a healthcare system that seeks to identify and correct a nervous system that is functioning sub-optimally by restoring proper alignment, balance, and movement to the joints of the spine.


Crisis Care vs Corrective Care

At Awaken Chiropractic, we meet patients where they are on their health journey. Most patients initially seek chiropractic care because they are in pain. We offer an education-based, patient-centric approach to care with the goal of empowering our patients to become partners in creating the best health and wellbeing possible.

Crisis care is an approach that utilises chiropractic almost as a bandage or medication: patients experience pain, so they come to us until their pain is gone. They continue with their same lifestyle habits that caused the crisis in the first place, so eventually the pain returns and they come back to us again and again.

Corrective care is the original design of chiropractic care. Although patients still typically come to us for pain, we help them understand that, by correcting the underlying problem through chiropractic adjustments and changes to their habits, they can prevent that problem from recurring. Continuing with care and thinking beyond the immediate goal of reducing pain can help them get where they want to be in terms of health—reducing the use of medications, sleeping better, and living their best life.

Our recommendations for your care plan are based on your desired outcomes along with our clinical findings, and each care plan is tailored to the patient’s specific needs and goals.

Healthcare Partnership

To achieve long-term, sustainable results, our care must be combined with breaking bad habits and doing your home-care rehab exercises.

We consider ourselves your partner, working with you, rather than doing something for you.

Our Professional Approach

We strike a balance of being professional—we take our role in your health very seriously—without being cold and clinical.

We want you to feel comfortable in our space and confident in our knowledge and skill.

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