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What are the 3 phases of care to get back to wellness?

There are three phases of care (POC) to get people back to total wellness. The POC are the Initial Intensive, then the Corrective, and finally there’s the Protective, consisting of either wellness or maintenance care.

So first is the Initial POC. “The objective of Initial Intensive Care is to stop the damage that is causing your symptoms, and then stabilise the problem, to start the healing process.” Once phase one is done, you are promoted to the next stage, Corrective Care. This phase focuses on strengthening the body, so you can do the things you want to do, without experiencing a relapse or setback each time you try to use your body.

The third phase of care is Protective Care, where you can choose either Wellness or Maintenance Care. Wellness Care is for those individuals whose goal is to keep getting healthier and stronger, and to continue their health and healing trajectory for a lifetime.

Or, if you are happy with the outcomes you’ve achieved, you can opt for Maintenance Care, which helps protect and maintain your new level of strength, health and function, preventing you from sliding backwards and losing the gains you have made up until this point.

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