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How long does an adjustment last?

So the Initial Intensive Stage of care, where most people start, is for lack of a better example, like setting a fracture. Our objective is to align all the parts of your spine back into a healthy position.

We know your body is very unstable at the beginning of care. Your soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) has a memory, so it will try to revert back to its previous unhealthy position within that first 24-48 hour period, after your adjustments start.

Because of that, during the initial intensive stage of care, we cluster your appointments tightly together, so we can get ahead of the backsliding process. That helps establish a forward momentum and forward progression of your case. It also helps establish a rhythm with your adjustments, which is crucial for you to get the best results.

Our bodies love being in rhythms and patterns in anything, and hate being out of rhythm. Just like your sleep rhythm—when you go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time each day, your energy is at its best. It works the same way with your adjustments; you get the best results when you stay in rhythm. Changing or missing your scheduled adjustments interrupts this rhythm and may cause you to slide backwards.

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