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Family Chiropractic Care in Applecross

family movie nightWhen it comes to keeping your family healthy, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution—but at Awaken Chiropractic, we believe chiropractic care should be part of any comprehensive preventive healthcare plan. Here are some ways that natural care may help families get and stay healthy.

Getting Kids Off to a Healthy Start

You may wonder why a child would need to see a chiropractor. According to most current research, many of our problems started when we were much younger, while learning to walk, falling and sustaining sports injuries.

Some of our patients experience their first spinal trauma during the birthing process and the delivery itself. That’s why we check each member of the family so we can create a written record for the early detection of subluxation or spinal dysfunction. By doing so, kids have the best opportunity to grow healthy and develop optimally, versus waiting for a crisis.

Chiropractic care throughout life, starting in childhood, may help your body function at its peak. For children, this form of natural and gentle care can allow them to move closer to their 100 percent potential.

Helping Adults Stay Active and Pain Free

For moms and dads, regular adjustments may help relieve pain, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation. By realigning the spine and joints, tension throughout the body is reduced, leading to better performance, strength, and range of motion.

This has a positive effect on all aspects of life—from athletics to everyday activities like carrying groceries or walking up stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other ways can chiropractic help kids and adults?

In addition to helping improve kids’ and adults’ physical health, regular chiropractic adjustments can also promote positive mental wellbeing and improve posture.

Do you adjust kids the same way you do adults?

No, we use light force techniques for children.

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