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Crisis care vs Corrective Care – What’s the difference?

There are essentially two types of chiropractic care. One is known as palliative care, and the other is corrective care. Our clinic specialises in corrective care. The first type, palliative care, follows more of a medical model, used only as a treatment for some type of symptom or crisis. In other words, it hurts here, adjust me here, and I will only come in when I am again in crisis. This leads to managing your health from crisis to crisis.

By nature, that style of care is unstructured, and therefore the results are unpredictable. What we do in our office is totally different. By specialising in corrective care, there is a structure to your care, with clear objectives.

The first goal is to help you resolve whatever current symptom or crisis you may be experiencing right now. Then we correct what is causing the problem, and ultimately teach you how to protect that correction. This allows you to experience your body’s full health potential throughout your life.

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