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Support Your Lower Back

How do I reduce the probability of hurting my lower back in the future? What sort of rehab can I do to for a bulged disc? How can I strengthen that core to prevent back injury? The Side Bridge. This exercise strengthens a muscle called the Quadratus lumborum. This QL muscle attaches from the iliac crest, and it runs up to the transfers processes of the lumbar spine. The way we stabilise and the way we strengthen that muscle is by doing a side bridge, by lying on our side with that elbow underneath our shoulder, with one foot on top of each other.

Hold that position to fatigue. It doesn’t matter if you do it for five seconds, 10 seconds, or even a minute, as long as we fatigue that muscle, it will grow, and it helps stabilise the lumbar spine, the lower back and the core. So if you start applying that principle and that rehab exercise just once a day in the left side, and once a day on the right side to fatigue, you will increase the core strength, and that will help rehabilitate that lumbar spine. Comment how long you could hold it the first time you tried it!

Awaken Chiropractic is a Chiropractor in Applecross who have a special interest in resolving neck and lower back pain. We are a chiropractor close to Booragoon, Ardross, Alfred Cove and Mount Pleasant and Myaree.

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