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Sitting Posture Advice

Lower back pain when sitting solution.

One of the biggest questions I get from office workers is how do I keep my low back from getting sore when I’m sitting seven, eight, nine hours at the office every day?

There are three things that I want you to improve on.

Number one is to get rid of the wrong posture (click here for posture tip).

Number two, get some mobility into your mid-back and your lower back.

Number three is the way you sit.

I want you to start sitting right on the edge of the chair, so looking forward towards your computer, sitting your butt on the front of the seat with the one leg ahead and one leg back. That will help maintain the subtle curves in your spine. Something else you can do is to bring your computer monitor up and forwards, so you avoid bending forward.

The third tip that I want to give you is to get some mobility into your spine. If you can’t walk around the office, one thing you can do is hold onto your knees and restore movement in your thoracic spine by extending and flexing, really focusing on that extension (see video), That’s going to lubricate the joints in your spine. You want to do that ten times in a row. You can do that three or four times a day.

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