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Plantar Fasciitis Tips

Suffer from plantar fasciitis? Here’s some rehab you can do right now.

Number one is stretch the plantar fascia by keeping your toes on the floor with your shoes off, lengthening that plantar fascia. You want to hold that for about one minute, five times a day. If it’s too painful, do it three times a day throughout the day, morning, lunchtime, and evening.

Secondly, freeze a plastic bottle of water. I want you to roll that plantar fascia over that frozen bottle of water for about a minute, and that’s going to help reduce pain and inflammation.

The third thing you can do is get a tennis ball, put it on the floor, and massage that plantar fasciitis for one minute, three times a day. That’s going to break up some adhesions and lengthen that plantar fasciitis to give you some relief. Try that at home. I hope that helps.

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