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Medical care vs Chiropractic – What’s the difference?

Most people have been brought up under a medical model of care. We go see a doctor when we’re in crisis or when a symptom pops up. The doctor gives us a pill to make us feel better, and then we don’t see the doctor anymore—until the next time we’re sick or there’s a problem.

At Awaken Chiropractic, we certainly do care for people who are in crisis and are symptomatic—and we’re very good at helping them. But our practitioners really want to do more for the people who come to us for help. Essentially, we want to bring our clients from a mindset of being “sick” to “not sick.”

Our goal is to inspire every person to go even further on the health spectrum, from being “not sick” to “healthy”, and help them stay there, through chiropractic care. We want people to adopt chiropractic as a lifestyle success strategy for healthy human beings, and not just a short-term treatment modality for a crisis or symptom. Remember, there is a compound effect in staying healthy, just like there’s a compound effect to staying sick. Let’s stay healthy.

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