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Get Back To What You Love


1. Learn Your History

Discover Your Wellness Potential:

At AWAKEN Chiropractic Wellness, we’re bringing wellness awareness back. Your body has so much amazing potential - our job is to unleash its innate ability to heal itself and find the perfect equilibrium for you to live an optimal life. 

Our burnt-out bodies are telling us we’ve got the balance wrong – if only we’d listen. 

2. Understand The Benefits

Learn about Chiropractic Benefits:

You might think Chiropractic is about your back. And in many ways it is. But really, it’s about wellness. And it all starts with the brain-body connection. 

Every function within your body is regulated through the central nerve system. Sleep, energy, digestion, strength, stamina, reproduction, concentration, cognition, healing – the list goes on. In this central nerve system are 6,000+ nerve fibres in and out of the spine that affect muscles, skin and organs. If there is pressure on a nerve, the message from your brain may not be passed on to your body correctly. Meaning your organ won't get the right information from the brain, and may function at a reduced capacity. 

3. It’s Time to Live Well

Receive advice on body & wellness health:

Look, we all know change can be a tough pill to swallow. But maybe it’s time we re-evaluated our love affair with drugs. It’s easy to pop a few and subdue the pain for a few hours, but is that what our bodies really need?

At AWAKEN Chiropractic Wellness, we believe feeling alive and healthy should be considered normal, not the exception. To get there, we need a cultural shift in how people understand pain treatment. 

That starts by understanding that the functions of the body are innate, designed to operate in a certain way. That makes every choice we make in life important - we are either giving our body what it needs, or we’re interfering with its program. 

 Senior man having back pain

Don’t Let Backpain Control Your Life!

Enjoy More Quality

Awaken Chiropractic has changed my world 100% I was in pain everyday with headaches, pain killers and seeing different doctors but nothing helped! I started seeing Blake and within TWO WEEKS, headaches GONE, painkillers STOPPED! I feel like a new person! Thank you!
— Tahlia Burtenshaw
I had trouble sleeping for years. I have a young family and children that had a habit of waking up at night. Blake not only helped with getting me back on track with sleep, he also handed out handy health tips whilst treating me. Couldn’t be happier with the work he and his team do for me.
— Clinton Gibson
Dr. Horner goes the extra mile to help with acute and on-going chiropractic care and I highly recommend him and his family-friendly practice. Shayne, the receptionist is caring and friendly and looks after my daughter during my appointment. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with Dr Horner.
— Bridget Johnson


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