Unlocking potential.

Our bodies are designed for life – but not like this. We race through the nine to fives and overtimes at breakneck speed in search of a finish line that doesn’t exist. And the coping chemicals our bodies release cause us to sleep poorly, stress out, get headaches, crave processedd foods. Amidst the chaos, we ignore our bodies whispering and wait till they scream, seeking relief from a bottle with an expiry date. No wonder so many Australians are physically inactive, skip work, suffer from back pain and take anti-depressants like Tic Tacs. 

If life is a race, we’re only beating ourselves. So - what have you got to lose?  

At AWAKEN Chiropractic Wellness we’re empowering people, here to help you take back control of your life. When you’re attuned with your body, you can read what it’s telling you and treat the cause, not mask the symptoms. We call it unlocking potential. By balancing your body, we unleash its ability to heal itself and function at an optimal level. You should notice a reduction in pain, an increase in strength. And importantly, a more meaningful life.




What is Chiropractic?

You might think Chiropractic is about your back. And in many ways it is. But really, it’s about wellness. And it all starts with the brain-body connection. 

Every function within your body is regulated through the central nerve system. Sleep, energy, digestion, strength, stamina, reproduction, concentration, cognition, healing – the list goes on. In this central nerve system are 6,000+ nerve fibres in and out of the spine that affect muscles, skin and organs. If there is pressure on a nerve, the message from your brain may not be passed on to your body correctly. Meaning your organ won't get the right information from the brain, and may function at a reduced capacity. 




What is our kind of Chiropractic?

Headaches, lower back pain, neck pain. The body tells us when it’s not happy. But not all nerves send out pain as a message. You could feel tired, lethargic, uncoordinated, distracted.

At AWAKEN Chiropractic Wellness, we don’t just mask the symptoms. We treat the cause by correcting your brain and nerve function to unleash your body’s optimal physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Our method is two-pronged:

  1. Touch and TellLook for clues to learn what is going on with your body
  2. Evidence Back up our observations with x-rays.

We’ll then set you up on a Schedule of Care, whereby we’re constantly working toward achieving and maintaining your optimum wellness goal.

We’re no bodies. 

Let’s be honest – us chiropractors are just the side act. Once we get you in balance, we’ll hand it over to your body to do all the amazing work that leaves you feeling great. If we see improvement, awesome. Good job body – we can continue our care. If not, we’ll stop. Obviously something’s not right. Your body calls the shots – we need to listen to what it has to say.




Hi, I’m Blake Horner. 

“Here’s a little about me, your treating chiropractor.

My name is Blake, a third generation chiropractor. Following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather, I offer a traditional, hands-on chiro technique designed to optimise your health and wellbeing. 

I have a deep fascination with how our bodies are made. I don’t see illness or ailments that need masking - I see potential, and all the different ways I can go about unlocking it.

My clients come to me with pain, numbness or loss of sensation – internal symptoms that may be relieved through structural changes that restore neurological function. Yet the miracle of the body is we can change so much more than ‘the self’. Once we achieve a clearer headspace, clarity of thinking and better emotional balance, we can positively influence those around us too.

At my practice, you won’t see gimmicks, machines or organ tests. Our hope is to open your eyes and change the way you think about your body’s potential. Life can be so much more than you think it is right now. For me, that’s beyond rewarding.”